Coastside Friendship Organic Gardens 
Coastside Friendship Organic Gardens 

Become part of our amazing and hardworking coastside community today!


Become part of our amazing and hardworking coastside community today!



Our Mission

The Mission of c-FOG is to cultivate healthy soils, food, and community on the San Mateo coast. c-FOG engages our community in the use of earth-friendly gardening practices to expand access to nutritional food for all and promote long-term stewardship of natural resources. Our activities focus on nurturing good health for ourselves and seven generations into the future by employing organic methods, providing educational opportunities, and sharing tools and information within a cross cultural, mult-generational environment.


Our Goals

  • Producing food in an ecologically wise manner for volunteers and community food banks
  • Providing access to fresh, healthy, organic food to ALL people regardless of race, income, gender, sexuality, or age
  • To provide a hands on learning place for youth to build their ecological literacy while they explore the natural world and learn about where their food comes from
  • Providing education about nutrition and cooking techniques to help our community members be their healthiest selves
  • Promoting food security in the face of the uncertainty of a changing climate
  • Making our community more resilient to natural disasters
  • Creating a space to facilitate beneficial cross-cultural interaction for environmental problem-solving, networking, movement building and gatherings


Join Us

We are a group of volunteers that came together because we wanted all of our community to have access to green organic food, we wanted to inspire the next generation to learn and grow organic foods and we wanted to build community with our coastside neighbors regardless of age, race, income etc. The community garden is open to all!


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c-FOG has been featured in the Half Moon Bay Review!

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Why We Fund raise

ft. Chair of c-FOG, Evelyn Erickson

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Coastside Gives

c-FOG has partnered with Coastside Gives fundraising for the communities organic future.